Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Discreet does NOT equal meet & cheat

From: Craigslist
Posted: June 23, 2009, 3:02PM EDT
Location: Homestead, Florida
Section: Men seeking men

Jo/bj buddy - m4m - 51
"looking for a jo/bj buddy, first meeting will need to be in a neutral place, I am married so discretion is really important."
As shown here and now, no sexuality is safe from adultery.
He says: Looking for jo. (Jack off)
But: He can jack himself off in the privacy of his own bathroom.

He says: Discretion is really important.
But: How can you be discreet? You're 51 and you're meeting someone from a public personals ad in order to cheat on your wife. REALLY FUCKING DISCREET, YOU TWATWAFFLE.
Look, it doesn't matter to me what your sexuality is. I'm lesbian, and I have friends who are gay, straight, bi, trans, and asexual. And no matter what, IT DOES NOT MAKE CHEATING ON YOUR SPOUSE ACCEPTABLE. If you are unhappy, get out of the fucking marriage and find someone who you actually WANT to have sex with.

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