Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Messing Around in Texas

From: Craigslist
Posted: June 23, 2009, 9:52PM CDT
Location: Austin, Texas
Section: Women seeking Men

let me give you what you are not getting at home - 24
"What are you not getting at home... friendship, sex. laughter, seeing movies, kissing, cuddling... 4 play..... Im free daytime and im hot tan and young and busty... need help with bills and looking to give you what you are NOT getting at home... must have a discreet place to have fun.... and daytime only... prefer married or attatched and must be discreet. please send picture and detailed info about you and what exactly you are looking to offer... im not a bot or spam texas is playing and the score is 5 to one in the top of the 7th inning!"

Well, this is a new wrinkle. She ain't married...but she wants to be with someone who is? SERIOUSLY?
She says: Must be discreet.
But: "Hot tan and young and busty" followed by "need help with bills." Yeeeeah, that's discreet. Stupid bitch.

She says: Must have a discreet place to meet.
But: That means she's making the guy do all the work. She doesn't even care enough to host!

She says: Prefer married or attached.
But: WHAT THE SHIT. What's wrong with having someone who is SINGLE???
She says she's not a bot or spam. I think she is a robot; one programmed to destroy marriages in order to prove that the American family is full of shit. She's probably leftover from WWII.
Either way, someone needs to reprogram her. Seriously, give me five minutes in a room with this whore and she will never even consider asking someone to cheat. EVER AGAIN.

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