Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mr. Lonely...

From: Craigslist (do I even need to say it anymore?)
Posted: June 25, 2009, 7:40PM PDT
Location: Gresham, Oregon.
Section: Men seeking women.

Lonely and Married - 49
"Looking to find someone like me,married and lonely and needing more from life. 35 to 50, as i'm 49. "
Well, at least he's not claiming to be 'happily married' like some of the dicks out there.

He said: I need more from life.
But: Has this guy heard of hobbies? Or going out with friends.

He said: Married and lonely.
But: He hasn't talked to his spouse, I'm sure. Hello, communication??? And again, do you have no friends to go out partying with?????

He said: Looking to find someone like me.
But:'re looking to bring down another marriage with your own. You are a fucking selfish prick.
Communication. It's the one thing that can save or end a relationship. If you are feeling lonely or neglected in your marriage, then TALK to your spouse instead of FINDING SOMEONE ELSE TO DICK AROUND WITH. You're REALLY going to be lonely if you have an affair and then YOUR MARRIAGE ENDS. Stop fucking around, grow some balls, and be a real man!

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